Renting is Recycling! All of Our Inventory is available for Rent.

Within the Unique Finds inventory, there are off the beaten path items ideal for theaters, movie sets and houses of horror. Examples include a reproduction electrocution chair “Old Sparky” ideal as a photo booth at your next Halloween party or a  1940’s dental station complete with chair and tools  and cast/stainless  steel prison cafeteria tables which have been on dozens of  movie sets.

Looking for rustic wedding décor or period plumbing fixtures? The entire inventory is available for rent. For the do it yourself fans we have many components from deconstructed homes, barns and other structures. The majority of our reclaimed pieces are often very rare or one of a kind. Many of our favorite finds don’t last in the showroom. We are also happy to help you source rare items. Our office premises warehouse stores an additional 2000 square feet of inventory.  You never know what else might be found in our off premises warehouse so please inquire. All items in our inventory are available for rent. Prices vary depending on the item and length of time. Logistics and deliveries are quoted upon specific involved.

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Photo Gallery of Sample Items for Rent